This is about "Warheads" wink wink.

If you were a piece of candy I would unwrap you slowly just to make your craving of my mouth hurt a bit. Slowly I’ll put you entirely into my mouth, where the heat from my tongue begins to make you sweat and your juices fill every crevice of my mouth. I would savor every tinge you deliver to my taste buds.

My tongue rolls you around a while as you melt into me. I’d tell you that I love your sweet, and tarty fruit flavor. You would recognize the way I make you feel, but without origin or knowledge of whence you’ve felt this before; maybe from a past love, or maybe my love past. I would be your exotic de ja vu.

And as you melt slowly away by the lapping of my tongue inside my hot mouth you loll anxiously on the verge of climax; wishing the moment would not die too soon. But then, when hope is almost lost, I would bite just hard enough for you to let go of your senses. You bite your bottom lip ecstatically and the orgasm you let out with an arching of your back, and a blissful moan – a sound that sends me into a sensual frenzy. I increase the tonguing over your hot body…

And you melt away into blissfulness.

But that is the way it is as a piece of candy… Just as the sweet moment of complete ecstasy is met, it is the biting that finishes the job. When juices flow freely inside the mouth, an erotic disappearance of what gave such pleasure now fills the air and leaves us to make our own pantomime through the night and into the impending dawn. 

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