Don’t you hate when people use your strengths against you? How about when someone uses a compliment to patronize you? Maybe you can empathize with this article.

I hate when people on job interviews tell me I am articulate. It translates into a compliment that has no worth. I still don’t get the job even though I qualified for it. People should be more surprised when an applicant is not articulate. Shouldn’t everyone have some level of articulation when interviewing for a job?

Oh, did I mention that I am an African American? Maybe telling you that helps to un-frown those eyebrows while you read this article. I guess negative racial stereotypes instill notions that until we open our mouths, African Americans lack articulation. And for the record, I have had an African American human resources person make a statement about my being articulate. Who are these not so articulate persons that are employed? Some family and friends say that my articulation might make interviewers feel threatened for their jobs. I don’t know about that theory.

It is frustrating to not be rewarded for getting an education. I know at some point an interviewer will see my being articulate as an asset to their business. So, on the next job interview I want to her the words you are hired, not you are articulate.

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