You can’t just go to the beach with a bikini and a blanket. You need to have a well stocked beach bag that will make your trip comfy and cushy. Use this guide to help you create a tote that has everything from food to first aid, music to make up in it for a more enjoyable beach day!

  The most important item to take with you to the beach is a well stocked beach bag. It should contain everything to make your day enjoyable and relaxing. Use this guide for creating one that can take you through sunburn to boredom to hunger. Not only that you’ll feel better, knowing that everything necessary is right at your fingertips

   1) Insulated water container. These are great for not only carrying water but also soda or juice along with iced coffee and iced tea. You can pick them up in any drug store, or even rest stop. They are a must , especially during those hot beach days when a cool drink is needed.

   2) Mini first aid kit. Bandages and Bactene are a summer must have. You never know when you’ll step on a sharp shell or get eaten up by sand flies. Another good idea is to have tweezers on the ready in case you wind up with a splinter or thorn as well as gauze . Definitely take aloe for sunburn which can occur during the drive home as well as any antacids and pain relievers. 

  3)Lip balm. A beach bag must have. Your lips are one of the most sensitive exposed parts of your body. They can be dried out thanks to salt, sun and even chlorine. Have a tube of the stuff ready at all times. Reapply after each swim as well as after you eat and even drink from a bottle. Smear it on thick, so you can get the full protection. There ar e many different kinds out there. Try to buy one that won’t turn into glop after an hour of being in a hot beach bag.

   4)Sun block, This is much more important than tanning lotion. Sun block protects you from those deadly UV rays even on a seemingly cloudy day (when the rays are actually stronger). A spray on one like Neutrogena s the best because you can coat hard to reach places like your entire back including shoulders and legs. You can also use it on your face if or you can buy a stick sun block from a company like Mad Gabs It sells a totable stick that you can carry with you all the time. .. This is a wonderful roll on that easily glides over your face neck and ears.

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